You’re all set! Your order will ship out shortly. I will contact you with shipping details. Once again, thank you! I hope you enjoy!!


  • Todd Hutson says:

    Hey Phil!

    I purchased two physical copies for Luke Hutson.

    Thank you,

    Todd Hutson

  • Tina Ericson says:

    Hi Phil, I will wear my t-shirt proudly. You know I love your music.

  • Thanks soo much Phil for this great offer.I really appreciate it and I sat on my front porch yesterday afternoon and listened to several of your new songs and some that I had already heard.I love them and I listened to them over and over again.I am glad that I have been able to help you.God bless you Phil and I will be in your corner cheering for you if that’s ok with you.Love your music and you are a great guy and a very special friend to me.Keep on singing Phil and keep in touch with me.Hope you have a blessed evening!

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