Save 50%! Get A Free Digital Copy Of Phil’s Debut CD “See The World” When You Order His Latest EP “RIGHT BEHIND THE RAIN” – 72 Hours Only!




For a limited time you can get TWO ALBUMS for the price of ONE. That’s a 50% Discount! But when the timer strikes zero, this offer will be gone for good!


Click Here To Download “Right Behind The Rain”
and “See The World” Now!

Get ready to sing along to Phil’s songs and feel ALL the emotions that come from a well written melody and lyrics that grab your heart and won’t let go? His music is perfect for a long road trip or just relaxing at home with your favorite drink!

Both of Phil’s CDs have received critical praise! The title track of “Right Behind The Rain” was placed in the Warner Brother’s Romantic Comedy “Something Borrowed” Starring Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield. His song “She Walks Away” won the National Michael Lloyd song contest at the TAXI Road Rally held in Hollywood, California.

Ordering is easy and secure with PayPal using your PayPal account or with a debit or credit card! (No PayPal account required)! 

IMPORTANT: This offer is only going to be up for the next few days. It will expire in the next 72 hours, after which this page WILL come down and the offer will be gone for good. 

So, if you enjoy my music so far and have been considering picking up a copy of both of Phil’s CDs…Now’s the time!

You will receive a digital download of “Right Behind The Rain” and “See The World” via email, immediately after placing your order.


  • Thank you soo much Phil and I appreciate it more than you know.I have a question. I was trying to finish checking out a few minutes ago.I was trying to get back in touch with you and it carried me to a different site.Then they kept on saying something about Pay Pal And I was going to let them know I didn’t have pay pal.Then I saw on their status that they wanted me to enter something greater than O.Could you please check into it for me Phil?I thought they were asking for more money.I wasn’t trying to be a worry wart as my Mom used to say!Will you message me back later yourself if you have time.Thanks in advance Phil.You are awesome!

  • John boy says:

    Y6 the best of the best of

  • Barbara James says:

    I would love to have one of Phil’s C.D.s!I Would like to get both of them.I love his music and I will probably get both of the C.D.s!That’s a great price too.So I hope you go all the way to the top Phil!God bless you.

    • Barbara James says:

      Thanks soo much Phil for these offers and I appreciate it.I sing too!I sing at our Church.I love your music too!I sing gospel songs!I love other music too:country,R/B music,country,and bluegrass!Just wanted to tell you I was very skeptical about your offer and I have been ripped off soo many times and I don’t trust too many people anymore!I feel like I can trust you!Hope that I can and thanks again for the free albums!

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